Oops! You Found Me Out

Somehow I have inadvertently become a blogger. At least that’s what I’ve been told and I’m not really sure how this happened. Somewhere between Facebook and simply rambling off my thoughts to anyone who would listen, it was pointed out to me that I needed to make it official. So here I am, posting my bizarre musings for the whole world to read. Of course, that assumes the whole world is interested.

I have always found language interesting – absurdly so. When I was in college (back in the good ol’ days of horse and buggy) we had to use things called dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and (gasp!) libraries. These were either made of paper, or contained lots of paper bound into things called books. Being a research assistant involved requesting these weird book things from other places also called libraries, waiting for them to arrive, finding out they weren’t what you thought they were, requesting another, and beginning the merry-go-round again. It was fun.

When we were little, my brothers would grab onto a word and beat it to death by repeating it over and over, saying it with a weird tone, or just using it incorrectly. That was not fun.

Now books come immediately over this thing called an internet, show up on my microcomputer also known as my phone, and I instantly know that I used a word totally wrong, incorrectly, and probably spelled badly too (or is it to? or two?) Anyway, here I find myself, writing down my snarky little thoughts hoping just to make someone else smile a little.

I am going to post the couple of articles that I recently wrote and posted on Facebook. (Those being the ones that got me in this state of hot water to begin with.) Please enjoy, laugh, comment under your breath, wish I had never been introduced to the internet, or generally not care. I write for fun. I write for me. I sometimes even write to make a difference.

I promise not to attack. I promise not to be mean. I promise to get my facts right. I promise to try and use there, their, and they’re correctly – although I can’t guarantee I’ll get its and it’s correct.

I don’t promise to keep my opinion to myself. I don’t promise to always be correct. What I can promise is that I will take constructive criticism (although it will probably be with a snarky reply.) I also don’t promise to follow the grammar rules found in The Princeton Review Grammar Smart. (Sorry – but if I want to end a sentence with a preposition, I will.)

So here we go. Have fun! I know I am. (Oh, and I really love the word snarky – just sounds so good to say! Go on say it. I dare you.)

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